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润利锅炉 蒸汽锅炉厂家 品质保证

What is a boiler? What is the boiler used for?       

Boiler is a kind of energy conversion equipment. It is one of the special equipment. The working principle of the boiler is that other energy heats the water in the boiler body to produce hot water or steam. The other energy here refers to the fuel and energy of the boiler. For example, gas combustion, fuel combustion, coal combustion, etc., this is the energy required after combustion. 吨的电加热蒸汽锅炉每小时就需要消耗700度电,所以对于考虑电加热锅炉的企业用户需要仔细考虑,但电锅炉的主要优势是热效率高,环保绝对无污染。 Boilers can be divided into fuel gas boilers , coal-fired boilers, oil-fired boilers, biomass boilers, and electric boilers. These fuels will cause different costs for boiler operation. Generally speaking, coal-fired boilers are the most economical. During the renovation, coal-fired boilers were banned. At present, common boilers on the market are oil-fired boilers, gas boilers , biomass boilers, and electric heating boilers. Here we talk about the higher operating costs of electric heating boilers, such as 1 ton of electric heating. The steam boiler needs 700 kWh of electricity per hour, so enterprise users who consider electric heating boilers need to consider carefully, but the main advantages of electric boilers are high thermal efficiency and environmental protection without pollution.

Boilers can be divided into: steam boilers , hot water boilers and boiling water boilers. Commonly used boilers in our lives are hot water boilers and boiling water boilers. Hot water boilers are widely used. For example, heating in winter, bathing, etc. all require hot water boilers, and boiling water boilers are often used in schools and hotels as direct drinking. The boiling water boiler is generally a multi-purpose electric heating boiler. The steam boiler is mostly used for industrial needs. Boilers can be divided into vertical boilers and horizontal boilers according to their size. The most obvious difference between a vertical boiler and a horizontal boiler is that one is a standing boiler and one is a horizontal boiler. Generally speaking, vertical boilers are mostly small boilers, while horizontal boilers are large boilers.

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