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0.5 ton vertical steam generator

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0.5 ton vertical steam generator

0.5 ton vertical steam generator

壳程介质:水、水蒸汽 Shell-side working pressure: 0.8MPa: Shell-side medium: water, water vapor

管程介质:导热油 Working pressure at the tube side: 0.6MPa: Medium at the tube side: Thermal oil

壳程试验压力:1.16MPa Shell-side design temperature: 200 ° C: Shell-side test pressure: 1.16MPa

管程试验压力:1.24MPa Design temperature of tube side: 300 ℃: Test pressure of tube side: 1.24MPa

product manual

The steam generator is a heat exchange device using a hot oil in a heat-conducting oil furnace. The hot oil heats water through heat exchange to generate saturated pressure and temperature saturated steam. The generator is arranged horizontally and vertically, and the lower part of the cylinder holds water. The upper part is the steam space, and a certain number of hot oil pipes are arranged in the water space. The heat-conducting oil enters from one end and the other end. The generated steam is drawn from the top of the cylinder to the steam-consuming equipment on the one hand, and continuously supplies water to the cylinder. This equipment is a pressure vessel, which is a kind of shell-and-tube steam generator. It is equipped with various safety instruments and valves. It has simple installation, operation, maintenance, and heat exchange equipment that can produce saturated steam of a certain quality safely and reliably.


Product Range

工作压力: 1MPa Heat supply: 0.5 ~ 20t / h Working pressure: 1MPa

Steam generator


The company undertakes the design and manufacture of non-standard steam generators.