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余热锅炉 江苏润利锅炉有限公司

废料 或废液中的余热及其可燃物质燃烧后产生的热量把水加热到一定温度的锅炉。 The waste heat boiler, as its name implies, refers to a boiler that uses water to exhaust water, waste materials, or waste liquid in various industrial processes and the heat generated by the combustion of combustible substances to heat water to a certain temperature. 余热回收 可以生产热水或蒸汽来供给其它工段使用。 Oil-fired boilers, gas-fired boilers , and coal-fired boilers with smoke box and flue waste heat recovery are also called waste heat boilers. Waste heat boilers can produce hot water or steam for use in other sections through waste heat recovery .

working principle

Fuel oil, gas, and coal are burned to generate high-temperature flue gas to release heat. The high-temperature flue gas first enters the hearth, then enters the waste heat recovery device of the front smoke box, then enters the pyrotechnic tube, and finally enters the waste heat recovery device in the flue of the rear smoke box. The flue gas becomes low temperature flue gas and is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney. Since the waste heat boiler greatly improves the utilization rate of the heat released by fuel combustion, this boiler is very energy efficient.


Waste heat boilers are divided into fuel oil waste heat boilers, gas waste heat boilers, coal-fired waste heat boilers, and foreign media waste heat boilers. According to use, it is divided into waste heat hot water boiler, waste heat steam boiler , waste heat organic heat carrier boiler and so on.


150 180 ,烟气温度从高温降到排烟温度所释放出的热量用来使水变成蒸汽。 The high-temperature flue gas released from the combustion of coal is transported to the inlet of the waste heat boiler through the flue, and then flows through the heat exchanger, evaporator and economizer, and finally discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney. The exhaust temperature is generally 150 to 180 . The heat released from the drop in temperature from the high temperature to the exhaust temperature is used to turn the water into steam. The boiler feed water first enters the economizer, and the water absorbs heat in the economizer to heat up to a saturation temperature slightly lower than the drum pressure and enters the drum. After the water entering the drum mixes with the saturated water in the drum, it enters the evaporator along the down tube below the drum to absorb heat and start steam production. Usually only a part of the water becomes steam, so the steam-water mixture flows in the evaporator. . The steam-water mixture leaves the evaporator and enters the upper drum through the steam-water separation device. The water falls into the water space in the drum and enters the downcomer to continue to absorb heat and generate steam, while the steam enters the superheater from the upper part of the drum and absorbs heat to make the saturated steam into superheated steam . According to the three stages of the steam production process, there are three heating surfaces, namely the economizer, evaporator, and superheater. If superheated steam is not required, only saturated steam is needed, and superheaters may not be installed. When there is reheated steam, a reheater can be added.

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