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Waste heat steam boiler

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Waste heat steam boiler

Waste heat steam boiler

额定蒸汽压力:1.0MPa Rated evaporation capacity: 0.4t / h: Rated steam pressure: 1.0MPa

水压试验压力:1.4MPa Rated steam pressure: 1.0t / h: Hydrostatic test pressure: 1.4MPa

进口烟气温度:1300℃ Water temperature: 20 ℃: Inlet flue gas temperature: 1300 ℃

水容积:2.1立方米 Saturated steam temperature: 184 ° C: water volume: 2.1 cubic meters

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℃,致使锅炉的排烟温度也高,正常情况下可达300~350 ℃,造成大量的热量白白排入大气浪费掉。 Flue gas waste heat steam boilers have been widely used in textile printing and dyeing, chemical, artificial leather, building materials and other industries, but due to their high oil return temperature, generally 200 ~ 250 ℃, resulting in the boiler exhaust temperature is also high, under normal conditions can 300 ~ 350 ℃, causing a lot of heat to be wasted into the atmosphere. In today's era of world energy shortages and sharply rising energy prices, energy conservation has become a nation's need for sustainable development.


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Energy-saving benefit analysis of waste heat recovery in heat-conducting oil furnace


/吨计算,每年按7200小时生产计算。 The steam in the table is calculated at 150 yuan / ton, and it is calculated at 7,200 hours of production per year. The calculation in the table is the ideal state of the table, and the actual gas production of the waste heat boiler should be corrected and determined.

Note: The company's products are continuously improved and perfected. The listed parameters are for reference only.