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Exported 2 tons steam boiler in Sudan

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Exported 2 tons steam boiler in Sudan

Exported 2 tons steam boiler in Sudan

2t/h Rated evaporation capacity: 2t / h

1.25MPa Rated steam pressure: 1.25MPa

194℃ Rated steam temperature: 194 ℃

轻油/重油/天然气 Design fuel: light oil / heavy oil / natural gas


Made by my company ,在安装结束,正常运行后得到了客户的一致好评。 WNS oil-fired (gas) steam boilers have been well received by customers after installation and normal operation. 外置一体化翅片管式省煤器、独立式冷凝器、结构紧凑、方便维护,节能效果非常显著。 The specific advantages are as follows: external integrated finned tube economizer, independent condenser, compact structure, convenient maintenance, and significant energy saving effect. Based on the low-level heating value of the fuel, the thermal efficiency exceeds 100%. According to user requirements, a programmable logic controller (PLC) can be combined with a touch screen and buttons can be added to implement manual and automatic dual-channel intelligent control systems. Interfaces can be reserved for remote control.