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300,000 kcal thermal oil furnace exported to Malaysia

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300,000 kcal thermal oil furnace exported to Malaysia

300,000 kcal thermal oil furnace exported to Malaysia

350KW Rated power: 350KW

0.8MPa Rated working pressure: 0.8MPa

350℃ Maximum working temperature: 350 ℃

轻油/天然气 Design fuel: light oil / natural gas


30 万大卡导热油炉,在安装结束,正常运行后得到了客户的一致好评。 The 300,000 -calorie heat-conducting oil furnace produced by our company has been well received by customers after normal operation. 1 、闭式循环系统,热散失少,节省能源,降低能耗; 2 、低压运行,可供高温,安全可靠; 3 、温度稳定、可控,可满足不同温度要求的用户; 4 、设备少,费用节省; 5 、可用于冷却系统,余热可利用; 6 、可对蒸汽发生器加热生产蒸汽。 The specific advantages are as follows: 1. Closed circulation system, less heat dissipation, saving energy and reducing energy consumption; 2. Low pressure operation, which can be used for high temperature, safe and reliable; 3. Stable and controllable temperature, can meet users with different temperature requirements; 4 Less equipment and cost saving; 5 , can be used for cooling system, waste heat can be used; 6 , can be used to heat the steam generator to produce steam.

热油作为传热介质在工业传热过程中使用,在经济上的最主要的优点就是提高了加热炉和系统的综合热效率,可以达到明显的节能效果,并给用户带来巨大的经济效益。 Heat transfer oil is used as a heat transfer medium in the industrial heat transfer process. The main economic advantage is that it improves the overall thermal efficiency of the heating furnace and the system, which can achieve significant energy savings and bring huge economic benefits to users .